What should Labour do?

Interesting some of these ideas:

introduce a French and Swedish-style wealth tax.

Somebody needs to tell Will Straw that Sweden abolished theirs in 2007. And as to the French one:

\”Eric Pichet, author of a French tax guide, estimates the wealth tax earns the government about $2.6 billion a year but has cost the country more than $125 billion in capital flight since 1998.\”

Fiona Millar:

And there should be a big focus on affordable early-years childcare. The biggest issue for most parents of under-fives is the quality of the people who are looking after their children when they\’re in work. In Finland, everybody has to have a master\’s degree to work in an early-years setting.

So, lessee, you\’re saying that there should be a massive rise in the qualifications necessary to care for babbies and that this will being down the cost of caring for babbies, yes?

And really, you\’re insisting that you need a masters degree to change nappies?

Neal Lawson:

We need to push for the introduction of modern capital controls.

In a country which imports capital by the bucketload this is going to help how?

European-wide minimum wage and tax on bonuses and high pay.

Lovely, let\’s put absolutely everyone in Eastern and Southern Europe out of work then shall we?

To be fair, some of the ideas are not actually entirely barking.

7 thoughts on “What should Labour do?”

  1. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    They just don’t get it, do they? They still think there’s loadsamoney out there, if only they could get their hands on it somehow.

  2. The girl who helps look after my kids has no special education, but is absolutely brilliant.

    After doing a masters degree, who the f**k would want to be a baby sitter?

  3. Masters degree to ‘work in an early years setting’?

    Motherhood requiring a Masters degree sounds like a great way to eliminate the chav class over time. It’d have to go hand in hand with compulsory abortion and/or sterilisation for the uneducated that attempted a bit of freelance breeding.

    Sounds very ‘Swedish’ to me.

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  5. “the top 10% of households own more wealth than the rest put together”

    And the top 10% income tax payers contribute more than half of all income tax revenue.

    So what’s the problem?

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