Woman gets angry!

Isn\’t it great that she has the choice, though? (I have found that this is what people tend to say at this point in the conversation.) Bollocks. What kind of a choice is that? If you choose, as I did, to stay at home, you do so knowing that you are losing your independence, that you are further reducing your future earning capability, and that you are by accident actively promoting the sexist suppression of women that you feel so strongly against. If you choose to go back to work full-time and fight the system, then you will have a constant battle in a world dominated by men, and will struggle to find the quality time to spend with your children, and if you choose the part-time route it is likely that you will struggle to find jobs that really satisfy you.

It\’s quite amazing that someone can reach their 30s without realising that this happens to everyone.

You know, that life is about making choices, paths taken and not taken.

You really can\’t have it all: whether it be a hands on Mum with a glittering fabuloso career or a hands on Dad with the glittering fabuloso career.

Please, stop whining about it.

Or, as I put it in the comments over there, one of the most privileged people on the planet (in the top 1% of global income, certainly, in the top 1% of  income for all of the people who have ever lived almost certainly), healthy, with healthy kids, hubby, house and choices, wants to shout about how oppressed she is. Get over yourself love.

And at the suggestion of the Englishman in the comments, here is Ian Dury on the subject of opportunity costs.

6 thoughts on “Woman gets angry!”

  1. I believe the great philosopher I an Drury put it best in his Opus “What a Waste”…

    I could be the driver in an articulated lorry
    I could be a poet, I wouldn’t need to worry
    I could be the teacher in a classroom full of scholars
    I could be the sergeant in a squadron full of wallahs

    What a waste! What a waste!
    But the world don’t mind

  2. Status Quo on opportunity costs:

    Whatever you want
    Whatever you like
    You pay your money
    You take your choice

  3. Women have always worked. There was the dim and distant past when the men went off for a bit of hunting and the women cooked, sewed and gathered vegetation. Then we had the agricultural era when the men went and ploughed the fields while the women cooked, sewed and did the grotty agricultural jobs. Got a bit better in the Crusades when the men went off to play war games and the women ran the estates. NB in the Celtic areas women had equal rights to men – it was the wicked saxons kyboshed those.
    As someone who has always had to work – which is quite fun really! – there have been moments when I have thought it might be quite nice to be a domestic goddess. Then I consider another flat souffle and think it’s nice to be able to buy in!

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