Woo Hooo!

That Amazon box arrives……five Tom Holts (four of which will be rereads but that\’s no problem) and two Sir Pterrys….plus all sorts of other bits and pieces of bubblegum crime novels etc.

Well, come on, it is summer after all, even if I\’m not on a beach.

3 thoughts on “Woo Hooo!”

  1. My box from Amazon arrives tomorrow….a DVD of Michael Bentine’s Potty Time, can’t watch that on a beach though.

  2. Jesus Tim, cant you do better than this. Tom Hold is not that bad but its the litterary equivalent of the daily star. Some suggestions,assuming that you want something vaguely reasonable.

    Anything by pratchett, specifically recomend anything that mentions sam vimes or the watch

    If your sense of humour is bent then tom sharpe or carl hiassen. Cant go past chris brookmyre just ignore the scottish rusbish.

    For light entertainment while sitting on a spanish (or portuguese) beach then simon R green or david gemmell.

    if you want sf then start with arthur c clarke or stephen baxter, add alistair reynolds if you’re prepared to suspend some disbeleif. greg bear is good but bizzare. And theres always stephen king.

    If you want something libertarian focused, try f.paul wilson. Startign with the keep, then the touche, then the tomb and that launches you into the repairaman jack series.

    Gotta look

    Tim adds: Sir Pterry is of course Pratchett…..I got the only one I haven’t read and one I haven’t read for a bit in my pile.Sharpe and Haissen, read almost all of both. Read all of Clarke, some Baxter (don’t really like) and Bear is too weird for me. Hate King.

    Anyway, what’s wrong with the Star?

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