World Cup question

I\’ve only just realised that both N and S Korea qualified.

At what point could they actually end up playing each other?

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  1. I’m not sure whether I want NK to flop (and, thus, deny lil’ Kim a propaganda coup) or succeed (thereby, one might hope, ensuring safety for the players). Ah, well – perhaps I’ll just return to my usual stance on the beautiful game: not giving a fuck.

  2. A little while back the Morning Star letters page was fiercely debating whether socialists should support North Korea.

    Maybe if the Koreas meet they should pursue detente.

  3. “At what point could they actually end up playing each other?”

    Roughyl 90 minutes before the (re)start of the Korean War!

  4. Interestingly, their star player plays his football in Japan. Even Kim Jong Il probably realised that turning out against Malnourished XI, FC Starving, and Gulag No. 12 Firsts isn’t going to provide sufficient opposition for him to help win a world cup. I wonder what his life is like in Japan, if he’s escorted everywhere.

  5. I should point out that North and South Korea were in the same qualifying group for the World Cup and have played each other a number of times, most recently just over a year ago I think.

    The DPRK’s “home” game was played in China because they refused to display the South Korean flag on the pitch and play their anthem before kick-off. Otherwise, the games seem to have gone off without any trouble.

    Unlike most football flashpoints, you see, there is a noticeable absence of away supporters…

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