A tax many might support

A windfall tax on Tim Worstall


by hardtimes on July 14, 2010 at 09:00PM

Charge Mr Worstall £10 every time he leaves a comment on a left-wing blog.

Plus a £50 surcharge if said comment refers to \”Polly\” or \”Ritchie\”.
How the idea could be implemented

Sit back and let the money flow.


Even I might support it. Be an incentive for Ritchie to stop deleting my comments, wouldn\’t it?

5 thoughts on “A tax many might support”

  1. ‘Be an incentive for Ritchie to stop deleting my comments, wouldn’t it?’

    Sounds like a new definition for ‘mixed feelings’?

  2. the left are funny. You see them on CiF “oh, yet more Daily Mail readers have I appeared I see”.

    They’d rather be left in the comfort of no-one challenging their views than put them out in the world to be tested and refined.

  3. Tim – when you say “the left”, I think you mean “people”. *Exactly* the same reaction can frequently be observed at right-wing blogs (particularly Tory-right rather than libertarian-right, but libertarian-right isn’t immune).

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