Anti-female ageism at the BBC

Selina Scott: Why I believe the BBC is guilty of blatant ageism and sexism

Well, yes. OK.

It exists.

However, such complaints would work rather better if they weren\’t coming from women who were clearly and obviously swiftly promoted in the first place because they were appealing eye candy.

Yes, the totty gets on camera and the not totty does not. Perhaps this is all vile and horrible discrimination. But those who were totty and are now aged totty might be seen as trying to have that cake and eat it too.

Where\’s the campaign to put munts on the box?

5 thoughts on “Anti-female ageism at the BBC”

  1. I was part of it. We got Tessaelected in order that we can get her more telly time…

    ’tis an issue though, there’s likely sexism in who gets put on the sofa when they’re young, but someone who’s actually good should be able to keep going.

  2. The problem is that you’re dealing with the ageism of customers here, in the same way that you have sexism in sport. You can’t force people to watch women’s football any more than you can force them to watch old women newsreaders.

  3. I reckon the news has got more depressing since womern started reading it.
    Alvar lydell did it better.

  4. The point is Roger, not all of the women who make it onto TV are totty. I got there through 25 years of working as a journalist. I earned my place on TV through skill and hard craft. Imagine for a moment how you would feel if the career you worked all that time for was taken from you because of your age. The rules on discrimination in the workplace apply whether you work on TV or not…

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