Apparently I\’m your leader

If people argue their case I’ll by and large let them on

But there are a nihilistic bunch of libertarians on the web – led it seems by Tim Worstall – whose sole aim is to be abusive, negative and disruptive

I’m sure like 17 year olds getting drunk on Saturday night they think it clever

Those of greater insight realise that their abuse is a cover for a lack of any real argument, a purely destructive temperament and an inability to engage with the realities of life

They add nothing to debate here, but do waste time

And they seek to abuse others who engage here, which I find wholy unacceptable

Decency requires they be kept off this blog

Given that I am your leader, where would you like to go? For as that French Marshall said, because I am their leader I must follow them.

18 thoughts on “Apparently I\’m your leader”

  1. What is best is that he is too dim to see that he is parading his ignorant pomposity to the world. He makes Captain Mainwaring look humble.

    Even the TUC, not known for being aware of things, will start to look at this silly man and think “do we really want him to represent us on tax policy?”

    I like his blog. There is plenty in it to crush him were he to come under scrutiny (a la Chris Mounsey before Andrew Neil). We should be thankful this man has the guile of an infant.

  2. I think he makes a great tax policy representative for the left and the TUC is very well served here.

    He reminds me of a Swiss cuckoo clock — lots of fun to wind up and watch as inevitably he’ll come out of his little ivory tower in regular intervals going ‘cuckoo’ with such a beautiful timbre in his typing.

  3. I only know of Richie because of your efforts. I suppose you can be a leading critic, without being a leader of the critics.

    The man is a delusional fool, but then that is a requirement for a socialist.

  4. Dear Leader,
    Just followed the link to see what the fuss is. What a pompous prick! Please continue the good work deflating this bag of wind.

  5. Brian, follower of Deornoth

    If Ritchie is our leader, we’ll follow him to the Gates of Hell.

    But no further.

  6. Wait, he said debate. Is he allowing proper debates on his website now? *browse*…

    Nope, you can still only post if you agree with him. A meaning of debate I wasn’t aware of.

  7. Mr Murphy apparently considers that the way to stop raining on your parade is to abolish clouds, not get better umbrellas.

  8. “Mr Murphy apparently considers that the way to stop raining on your parade is to abolish clouds, not get better umbrellas.”

    Well of course he does. His ideology dictates that an umbrella must be made of blotting paper, and faced with soaking after soaking he has come to conclude that rain is the problem.

  9. Philip Scott Thomas

    Perhaps he’s just cranky because someone has stolen the full stop key from his computer.

  10. Try commenting on his blog. Anything that agrees with him gets published, and everything critical gets binned. The man is so pompous he can’t comprehend his own pompousness. If he ever did, he’d go insane (oh, I wish the Total Perspective Vortex existed).

  11. You are a Nihilist? But you are on my bookmarks, so that can’t be true.

    Let them on? What does that mean? It’s not English, but if it means posting comments, then that’s not always been true has it?

    Abusive? I don’t recall you calling him a stupid, ignorant piece of shit – not that I would condone such language! So that can’t be true.

    Negative? Well, yes when he has said something wrong you have indeed said, “No, that’s not right”, but then again, when the assassin points his gun at your head and says he’s going to blow your brains out and you say “No, please”, I suppose that’s being negative too. Ritchie would never do that, would he?

    Disruptive? That’s a setting on a phaser isn’t it? Can you be disruptive with the written word as your only weapon? I think not. (If you’ve nipped round chez Ritchie and performed some sort of coitus interuptus Worstall, you’re on your own.)

    And now I’m bored.

    NN Ritchie. Boring and irrelevant.

    Do you realise that having a blog with the comments turned off is wanking in front of a mirror?

  12. there are times when you wonder whether TRitchie can ever get more delusional and amusing….and then he goes and shows that he can and will. The man is a monmument to British eccentricity. he must be the next winner of the Chgubby Brown award for tax accountancy.

  13. Now the left is out of office, anyone thinking to use Ritchie’s services will do a quick google and see the debunkings from Tim. This explains his anger: his taxpayer funding is drying up (the fake charities are under the cosh) and because of Tim he can’t get any more.

  14. Dear God, as much as I’ve enjoyed you taking this bloke apart I’ve never actually followed the links to his site before, what a pompous little twat. Even with people discussing things with him with the upmost civility he remains rude and patronising. I won’t be following the links again, I don’t know how you manage to wade through it repeatedly.

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