Being a bit coy

So, err, what was this reference?

As part of the promotion, supposedly embarrassing messages would be posted under the user\’s name, which could be seen by friends entitled to view their Facebook profile.

But the promotion backfired when a parent protested after finding her 14-year-old daughter had been sent a message that made direct reference to a hardcore pornographic film, which has an underground following.

The film the message referred to is particularly controversial because of practices it depicts. One parent, a Mrs Rickman, voiced her concerns on the social networking site Mumsnet.

Two women one cup or something?

And what is so disgusting that Mrs. Rickman would get the reference but that her 14 year old should be protected from the very mention of?

3 thoughts on “Being a bit coy”

  1. Wow, the baying humourless idiots on Mumsnet terrify me.

    CC hired some early-20s grads to write the promotion; the video name got past the client because its managers don’t consist of 4chan readers; nobody died; nobody who wasn’t a dodgy 4channer themself would’ve got the reference; who cares?

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