Champagne socialists \’not as left wing as they think they are\’

No, strangely, they\’re not talking about Polly.

Just the moving rightwards as one ages plus a bit of groupthink (you don\’t notice because all of your fellow youthful firebrands that you socialise with are moving rightwards at the same time).

8 thoughts on “Champagne socialists \’not as left wing as they think they are\’”

  1. Oh, true. Look at those people who think a bit of PhotoShop blackface is simply hi-larious

    But we’re not taking you as a role model, here, so no worries! 🙂

  2. But sometimes, it’s not that you move, but that politics does.

    Ideas that were radical in the early 80s, for example, are the status quo now. The idea of, for example, privatising the royal mail is seen as a policy to discuss with good and bad points, with some opposed automatically, some favouring automatically.

    Can you imagine Thatcher getting away with that? Let alone it becoming Liberal Democrat party policy?

  3. @Hugo. In fairness, that is a self assessment by Jenkins. A great line by Johnson though don’t you think.

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