Comment is Free to become Comment which is agreeable

One quite appropriate response would be to ban those identified to be users of such thuggish approaches to debate from Comment is Free, because free comment is the last thing these people want. As Climategate showed, intimidation is their goal. And that is something that should not be tolerated in democratic society – of which these people are not a part.

Is that censorship? Of course not.

Yes, you guessed.

14 thoughts on “Comment is Free to become Comment which is agreeable”

  1. I see he’s deleted a comment made under that post. Good lord, I rarely swear, but Obo is right, the man’s a Weapons Grade Cock End…

  2. He’s taken to deleting my comments too, now. I must have disagreed too much. I left one final comment (to be deleted, no doubt):

    “Actually, Murphy, I think I’ll not bother casting pearls before Guardianista swine: it’s like correcting a left wing sociology professor basking in the adoration of his student groupies (you did see The History Man, didn’t you?)”

  3. “the man’s a Weapons Grade Cock End…”

    I’m afraid it’s a case of Normal For Norfolk:

    “Tax Research can be contacted at:

    The Old Orchard
    Bexwell Road
    Downham Market
    PE38 9LJ”

    Interestingly, the VOA database shows he’s not paying business rates on his premises. Is this a case of tax avoidance or tax evasion?

  4. Why can’t even AGW supporters accept that it’s a model, and that this isn’t like the Holocaust or the MMR/autism link. We know that the Holocaust happened – we have evidence, testimonies and so forth. We know that the MMR/autism link was always shaky because there were studies done of autism levels amongst vaccinated children which showed that it had no significant variation.

    Since 1995, we have had no statistically significant global warming. Yet, very few people seem to want to consider that as important. To me, it feels like too long a period to just write off as an exception, especially when the predictions are only about 90 years away.

    I’m not saying there isn’t some level of man-made warming, but it strikes me that the scientific response to a model not being right is to take another look at the model…

  5. Well I left a comment, but apparently “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”

    Is this usual or is it just because it’s my first post there?

  6. “Is this usual or is it just because it’s my first post there?”

    Oh, our Mr. Murphy doesn’t like to let postings go up. It’s usually followed by a “Posting deleted because it challenged my left-wing consensus with myself.”

    (He actually says this in his guidelines: anything challenging his views will not be tolerated)

  7. I find the following blog post of his somewhat ironic but it does nicely describe his morass of contradictory statements.

  8. I posted following on my fellow FCA’s web-site

    The CIF policy has worked fine to-date. To apply the Murphy version will only mean it needs to be called Comment is Free ( so long as as I RM concur with you view) so we have CiF ver.RM .
    You do not understand the fundamental nature of the internet and how it can help undermine deeply repressive regimes ( or are you secretly an apologist for the Chinese version of free speech?).

    I wait with bated breath his response.
    He really is quite Stalinist in his warped world view

  9. @John: “Oh, our Mr. Murphy doesn’t like to let postings go up. ”

    Well he’s allowed that one, and a few more afterwards.

    He’s not beyond a bit of hyperbole, it seems. Or argument twisting.

  10. “I have no idea

    I do not read their stuff and have no intention of doing so

    I remain Bishop Hill being persistently banned here though – for good reason, I am sure”

    So he doesn’t read Bishop Hill, appears to have never done so, but has banned him nonetheless, “for good reason, I am sure”.

  11. I didn’t dob Ritchie in.

    I will admit to guffawing out loud (GOL?) when I read about it this morning, though.

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