Comment on a Laurie Penny piece

Do some women really suffer angst over such mind numbing trivia, or were you just pressured to write a piece on this subject????

Seems an appropriate response to a complaint about the patriarchal body fascism (I precis here, not quote) of the bikini.

Still, Ms. Penny seems to be well on track to be the Germaine Greer of her generation. Only another 40 years to go and she can write about gardening.

5 thoughts on “Comment on a Laurie Penny piece”

  1. Seems strange that “patriarchal body fascism” forces women to wear bikinis in one part of the world and in another forces them to wear face veils,black robes and gloves while never venturing near the beach. These patriarchal body fascists need to sort their ideas out.

  2. Women competing with women drive these things.

    I’ve never quite bought the idea that we live in a patriarchal society. Men work themselves into an early grave to support their wives and children. We venerate women and mothers far more than we do fathers and have done for a very long time.

    Unless, that is, anti-patriarchs view society as one which nannies and patronises women away from the sweat, toil and premature death rather than merely being rational. Extend that to both sexes (are we for equality or not?) and you have the beginnings of an argument against the entire nanny state.

  3. I’m always slightly amused by more strident feminists. On the one hand,they’ll tell you how strong women are, these daughters of Cleopatra, Boudica and Pankhurst, how they can do any job a man can do, how they’d make the world a safer and more peaceful place than the men.

    Yet according to the same feminists, a man can just put a photo of another woman in a bikini and they just turn into Stepford Wives.

  4. She is just a scribbler at the Graun, who complains about stuff. How does that make her a strong woman, how does that make her a feminist? It just makes her a stroppy teenager saying “it’s not fair” in print, for money.

    The strong women, the clever women, the courageous women, are all out in the real world, doing their stuff, unsung, every day. Mostly, without spending all their lives bleatin’ about menfolk.

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