If you will argue with straw men rather than what I say it does not help your cause

No, don\’t bother guessing.

4 thoughts on “Giggle”

  1. He has, of course, deleted a comment of mine today, left there in line with his moderation policy, and he’s hidden the deletion as well.

    Oh, the irony – my comment there attempting to connect directly with what he had said rather than be drawn into straw man arguments…

  2. Dammit I got moderated off yesterday for daring to challenge ritchie when he equated libertarians with racists. I pointed out the obvious – most BNP supporters are ex- Labour. I also challenged the fact he was happy to leave comments on from an anarchist! I was moderated, but the anarchists’ comments remain!!!!

  3. A prospective Labour Councillor in Ealing thought Libertarians were close to the BNP. The ignorance is jaw-dropping.

    Irony indeed seeing as if you want to get two cigarette papers between Labour and the BNP, you must first ensure they are good and dry.

  4. p.s.

    R.Murphy “And if I delete it then it will be because I will be applying the moderation policy strictly – and the usual libertarian nonsense that passes for comment will be deleted, without conscience because let’s face it, much that many people seek to say here say is adequately addressed by this video.”

    For “Many People”, read “R.Murphy”.

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