Good Lawdy Miss Clawdy

Yes, I have left a comment there and no, I don\’t know whether it will get through. What I said was:

Richard: because we don’t know about the future, because we don’t know which technologies will be possible, which products of which new technologies people will want, we need to have some sector of the economy where experimentation takes place.

The market in short.

Precisely because we don’t know what the future holds we cannot plan for it: thus we cannot use government to do said planning for us. Moving 5% of GDP from the government, planned, sector to the unplanned, experimental, market sector is thus a very reasonable response to exactly your point: that we cannot forsee the future.

Other critiques are welcome in comments.

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  1. I shouldn’t bother commenting. There’s zero chance of any dialogue: any comments with facts that undermine the Great Man’s case are deleted (for being “abusive”). Anything that the Great Man can take out of context and insult is let through.

  2. To add another dimensions.

    The State is a monopoly. It only truly understands the concept of monopolies that it controls.

    In creating a monopoly of answers and solutions, alternatives are not easy. Even if the best answer is found, which is highly unlikely, there is dysfuncition in application and the search for a replacement/improvement.

  3. I’ve posted on a later post of his. I’m trying to ask subtle questions in a nice way. Don’t think it’l last.

  4. I’ve just read his moderation policy

    “It is not questioning the fundamental tenets on which this blog is based. ”


  5. I have suggested that putting a set amount, rising at twice the rate of GNP until it reaches 2% put into an X-Prize Foundation would make us world technology leader in nearly everything & cost effectively less than nothing because it would increase GNP many times more than 2%

    Obviously no politician wants this.

  6. On 5th July, Ritchie runs a post on the legitimacy of tax.

    On 5th July, Tax Research UK publishes a briefing note on the same topic.

    Events the great man describes as ‘coincidental’.

  7. “On 5th July, Ritchie runs a post on the legitimacy of tax. ”

    .. in response to “right wing libertarians” likening tax to theft earlier that day.

  8. Murphy is beyond parody . I have given up trying to engage. His recent rude dismissive attacks on intelligent commentators will only ( I am glad to say) push him further to the fringes of irrelevancy. A basically insecure pompous ass trying to find a purpose to his early retirement.

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