Here\’s proof of the old line


PJ O\’Rourke is once again proven to be right. In one of his earlier books, when in Poland pre-89, he\’s at a \”disco\” and the subject of Jews dancing comes up. No, we\’re not all that good at that, the only kind of dancing we have is dancing in circles. Summat like that.

Or summat like this:

The story behind it:

Australian Jewish artist Jane Korman filmed her three children and her father, 89-year-old Holocaust survivor Adolk, in the video clip \”I Will Survive: Dancing Auschwitz.\”

The clip depicted the Korman family dancing in front of Holocaust land marks in Poland, including infamous entrance sign to Auschwitz death camp reading \”Arbeit Macht Frei,\” a Polish synagogue, Dachau, Theresienstadt, and a memorial in Lodz.

The point?

Yet Korman told Australian daily The Jewish News that “it might be disrespectful, but he [her father] is saying ‘we’re dancing, we should be dancing, we’re celebrating our survival and the generations after me,’ – the generation he’s created. We are affirming our existence.”

My Yiddish is not what it should be of course but I have a feeling that Adolk Korman should properly be described as a mensch. Difficult to think of anything better to be.

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