Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah!

Ministers are preparing for a major showdown with public sector unions over moves to dismantle national pay bargaining.

The Government says it will allow all Health Service employers – whether hospitals or GP surgeries – to pay staff whatever they like.

Don\’t screw this up guys.

No, it\’s not about breaking the power of the unions (that\’s just an interesting side effect).

We already have huge regional variations in pay: from memory, female white collar wages in the NE are 60% lower than similar in London. Imposing a national pay scale over such regional variations causes the most incredible distortions. Distortions which really do kill. There have been several studies showing that in areas with higher pay, the national scale leads to shortages of nurses: and yes, that kills people (one such test was done by looking at heart attack survival rates across different employment markets for example. Yes, rates were worse in richer areas).

This is something we really do desire to happen, the end of national pay bargaining.

3 thoughts on “Hurrah, Hurrah, Hurrah!”

  1. “Don’t screw this up guys.”

    And now would you like to give the same message in British English? Faked American always sounds so insincere.


    National pay scales boil my fluids. As a Londoner, a nurse or teacher’s standard of living is obscenely different from that up north.

    Added to the fact of lower per capita spending in London on an absolute level linked to the fact that London generates massive amounts of tax revenue, it is no wonder some call for London to announce UDI.

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