In which we await true gender equality

So it\’s all cheeky and hilarious when the ladies are going on about their \”Rampant Rabbits\” with their seven speeds and authentic thrusting action, and what have you. It\’s all glasses of wine and giggles then, but if you so much as mention your inflatable woman, they\’ll call you a pervert and a creepy little twerp.

1 thought on “In which we await true gender equality”

  1. Probably not much discussion on this because the reality of the starting points:
    Man – seeks replacemant woman (prostitute or blow-up doll)
    Woman – seeks replacement penis
    go against the oft peddled archtypes – ‘woman is interested in the person, so requires man with character and sense of humour’ and ‘men always thinking of only one thing’.

    Difficult to believe that men ‘run’ society when their choices are belittled or outlawed, while women’s are ‘fun’ and socially acceptable.

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