Interesting question

The group are the first of 52 dissidents to be released by the authorities as part of a surprise deal between the Catholic Church and the government in Cuba struck last week after a politically embarrassing hunger strike to near-death by dissident Guillermo Farinas.

The Cuban authorities have promised to release all 52, but it is not known how many will go to live in exile in Spain. Both the US and Chile have also offered them asylum.

How will this be described over on the wilder shores of the left?

Proof that the already near perfect socialism is getting even better? Perhaps by claiming that American stooges have now been purged from the system?

2 thoughts on “Interesting question”

  1. It involves christians, every year, in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, et al, hundreds murdered and thousands subject to violent persecution, and no-one will ever know.

    Because the left, you know, are fierce supporters of UDHR Article 18 (with the invisible christian exclusion clause added).

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