Laurie Penny is confused

The coalition did not consult the people of Britain on whether or not we wanted 40% cuts in some departments, but with the big decisions already taken,

Naughty, naughty politicians for not asking the people!

Real political fortitude often involves going against popular opinion,

Clever, wonderful, politicians don\’t ask or listen to the people!

No, really, she manages to get both of those arguments into the same piece.

As for this:

A recent British Social Attitudes survey found that people\’s perception of benefit claimants as a drain on the state lessened considerably when they were told how low out-of-work benefits really are (£51.62 per week for a single person under 25).

That is not \”benefits\”. That is the single and specific \”benefit\” for being out of work. On top of that there is a whole hobgoblin of other benefits that are paid: housing (whether benefit or subsidised social housing), health care, education, pension rights accumulated (yes, your stamp is paid while you are unemployed) and so on, amounting to something like £20,000 a year per household at the very least.

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