Let\’s not privatise the Post Office

Umm, OK then:

How about going a different way – not back to nationalisation or further into privatisation? How about real public ownership and workers\’ control?

Imagine if the Royal Mail became the People\’s Post, owned by each and every person in the UK, secure beyond the grabbing hands of politicians and their friends in business. Imagine a company controlled by the people most in touch with their customers – the postman or woman, the staff in the post office and sorting depot.

Great, let\’s do it!

Now, Royal Mail needs pots and pots of capital: partly to modernise but most importantly to close a huge gaping hole in the pension fund.

That deficit is some £10 billion or so and there are 200,000 (or so) RM employees.

So, if each of you chip in £50,000 then you can have it. Can\’t say fairer than that, can we?

2 thoughts on “Let\’s not privatise the Post Office”

  1. public ownership and workers’ control

    John Bogle has commented that one of the causes of the financial problems is that we have moved from shareholder capitalism to managerial capitalism. This proposal is no better. If the public owns it, the public should control it, not the workers. On the other hand, if we just want the workers to own it (like John Lewis), fine, let them pay the £50k as you say.

  2. Or, the 200,000 could agree to disolve the pension, distribute whatever funds it currently has to the covered retirees, and “start over” with control and borrow for new equipment?

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