Never the twain shall meet: Johann Hari and economics

I read this, as usual passionate, piece about the evils of cuts and the benefits of fiscal expansion with gradually rising eyebrows.

Hari is pointing to Ireland as an example of what is going to happen to Britain. Well, OK, fair enough you might think. They\’ve cut and yet it hasn\’t sorted out the economy (as yet).

D\’ye know, he manages to get through a whole piece about what the Irish experience means for us without even noting that they\’re in the euro and we\’re not? That we can vary our exchange rate, set our own interest rates, indulge in quantitative easing, and that Ireland cannot?

That we have the option of countering recessionary effects by various monetary means, while Ireland cannot?

Do you think he actually understands this?

8 thoughts on “Never the twain shall meet: Johann Hari and economics”

  1. I think Hari is one of those columnists who decides he must say something important about the issue de jour, regardless of his own understanding of it and then spends a couple of hours googling and therefore writes a load of shallow twaddle.

  2. If Hari were a computer then his columns would be vapourware.

    Rightly regarded as a Sage of the Left, since his IQ approaches his hat size.

    In yards.

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