New Leningrad Cowboys Movie

Well, maybe.

Not sure how they might do that though. For of course there were two jokes.

The good one, the bass player, and then the other one, the joke.

Just not sure how they can do the bass player joke in a convertible.

As a taste:

We watched the original movie for the first time after we\’d spent about 18 months living in Moscow. Just kept nodding at each other and agreeing, yes, finally, someone who understands Russians.

Umm, no, none of this will make any sense to someone who hasn\’t seen the first movie. Which you should, of course. Go rent it.

No, really, you, Matt, Harriet, watch the damn thing.

I\’ve even heard (but cannot confirm) that they were resonsible for the biggest rock gig ever in Finland.

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  2. I am not sure if Total Balalaika Show was the biggest rock gig but with 70 000 spectators, it has to be likely. None of the stadium concerts here have that many people, as the Olympic stadium can fit 52 000 in concert configuration (this was with U2). (They did pack in 72 000 people for the Olympics in 1952, leaving the track and field for athletes, but I don’t know how they did that, people must have been breathing in and out in turns.)

    The show was this:
    and the atmosphere after the collapse of USSR and opening up of borders was just unbelievably positive.

  3. Did you mean me?
    Anyway, if Tarja Turunen ever rejoins Nightwish we can kiss that record goodbye.

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