Now he\’s trying to write the laws


It shall be the duty of the Chancellor of the Exchequer to appoint a committee of inquiry to report within 6 months on the practical action necessary to introduce a banking transactions tax.

What\’s one of them?

For the purposes of subsection (1), a banking transactions tax is a tax, charged at the rate of 0.005 per cent of the value of the transaction, on

Mhm, hmm,

foreign exchange dealings in sterling, and

Ah. Well, we can see immediately at least one thing that has to be done as a \”practical action necessary to introduce a banking transactions tax\”.

Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act.

To levy a tax on the exchange of currency within the EU would, you see, be a restriction upon the free movement of capital. One of the pillars of the Treaty of Rome that is and something that cannot be done without leaving the EU.

Now it is true, I\’d happily trade Ritchie\’s strange obsessions with liqudity in financial markets for being out of the EU. But I don\’t think he realises that that is the bargain he\’s asking for.

6 thoughts on “Now he\’s trying to write the laws”

  1. Given that Richie produces all this bollocks from a shed full of toy trains, is he starting to see himself as the Fat Controller?

    Tim adds: Ah, I’ve been looking for a replacement for “Ritchie”, “our favourite retired accountant” and so on. That might be it.

  2. Why does he want me to pay more for forex? I already get gouged badly. It’ll just make it worse.

  3. Sadly so, the law has not stopped the EU and it’s minions from doing whatever it wants.

    As an example, the EU bailout fund is clearly illegal in Germany (and breaks the EU law too), but unless the German Supreme Court decides to hear the case nothing can be done about the outrage.

    Then again, we’re completely bankrupt beyond recovery anyway, so it doesn’t really matter what games they play with the newly printed monopoly money *shrug*

  4. Check out the comments on Murphy’s “A government intent on creating social division” . What a grade A, insecure cock. Surely this man isn’t married?

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