Odd that an accountant doesn\’t know this

“There is no voluntary donation box in tax”

Yes there is:

Make your cheque payable to “The Accountant, HM Treasury”, 1 Horse Guards Road, London, SW1. They will happily cash it.

4 thoughts on “Odd that an accountant doesn\’t know this”

  1. I can confirm that. I wrote to the Treasury asking how many people had made voluntary donations to the Exchequer, and got a polite, if slightly bemused, response from a civil servant who said that though the Treasury didn’t keep that kind of information, he could confirm that departments do receive legacies from time to time, and that all gifts would be cashed.

    Tim adds: As can I confirm it. Although, when I asked, I blagged that I was from The Times, so they went and found the actual numbers. 5 people that year, four of whom were dead. And, err, The Times published a piece based upon the results….

  2. Ah yes, a man who would gladly steal half my money from me isn’t a bully at all.

    Oh, and he can’t stand criticism.

    Oh, and he doesn’t understand basic economics.

    Honestly, what a collosal train wreck.

  3. I know that it is the middle of summer, the World Cup final is approaching and all that. But some of us have memories.

    Memories of MPs promising to send a cheque to the Treasury as mitigation for house swapping or whatever.

    So just after the Telegraph embarrassed a few MPs, there would have been a jump in voluntary Treasury contributions? Perhaps we could ask for a bit of evidence from the MPs who proclaimed to the press that they had made a voluntary tax contribution? A receipt or a processed cheque?

  4. I think a campaign to attach his name to some adjective is worth while. No more mere mention of “the accountant”. No, his name in full plus an adjective. Google does the rest.

    cf. Richard “Cloaca” Littlejohn

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