On Kenyan politicians

The basic idea is that if Kenyan politicians are properly paid then they\’ll not try to steal through corruption.

No, really, this is used, straight faced, as an argument as to why this experiment should continue.

Kenyan politicians have voted to raise their pay by up to a quarter to 1.09 million shillings (£8,920) a month,…(…)…The minimum wage in Kenya was last month raised to £50 a month for employees in cities and £25 for farm workers…..(,…)…\”Will paying them more keep their fingers out of the public till?\” Standard newspaper said in an editorial titled \”Take the money, but spare us the hypocrisy\”.

If being a politician gets you 178 times the minimum wage then the politicians really will only be those with a love of public service, won\’t they?

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  1. In Brazil, are similar levels of politicians pay (though only 50 times the minimum wage)
    For the rich, a political career is a worthwhile investment. With large pensions after a four year term and various levels of government with paid officals (city, state with 2 houses and national with 2 houses), it is a gravy train. Along with that is the immense influence that leading representatives have, with conflicts of interest evident.

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