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Censorship is an essential part of freedom

R. Murphy.

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  1. “Anyone wanting examples of doublethink might want to read his comments in that thread!”

    They’ve been deleted. Someone from the Office of History has been editing the past (that’s “office” in an exempt-from-business-rates way, you understand).

  2. My two comments there vanished, without even a note to say they had been moderated.

    Truly impressive double not good thinking.

    Weakness is strength, War is Peace etc…

  3. Anyone think the ‘Director of the Office for Tax Responsibility’ might turn out to be a bloke who works out of a shed full of kids’ toys, lawnmowers and parasites, sorry parasols?

  4. Censorship is an essential part of freedom

    This is one of the things that makes freedom slavery, presumably.

    The modern left still seems to consider Orwell one of its heroes. I can’t imagine he would be much impressed by them, though.

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