Shock horror!

Playwright says that arts subsidies should be spent on playwrights not the marketing department!

Surprise, eh?

8 thoughts on “Shock horror!”

  1. Yup, playwrights or so important that even those on minimum wage have to contribute to their upkeep.

  2. The one Art for which there is no conceivable case for subsidy is Writing. People will write becuse they find they must write. Eh, Tim?

  3. On the contrary, dearieme, I can’t think of one art form for which there is a conceivable case for subsidy.

    I’m no philistine, the Mrs and I spent plenty in March flying to Canberra and staying three nights to see the “Masterpieces from Paris” exhibition. The point being that we wanted to go and were prepared to pay for the privilege. Yes, the exhibition itself was subsidised, but would anyone doubt that having paid nearly $3000 0n airfares and accommodation we’d not happily have paid more than the $40 entry fee (especially if less tax was nicked out of our pockets). But if without subsidy they could not come to Australia, then we could wait to see them in Paris.

    Starry Night and London, Parliament: sun through the fog were worth the money and effort alone.

  4. DocBud,

    Exactly. The idea that a sensible admission fee would put people off visiting a city is just absurd. The Louvre is the most visited museum in the world, yet charges 9 euros admission.

    There was some research done into the effect of free museum admissions in the UK. They found that it didn’t actually widen “access” by much. It just meant that the same sort of people who went to admissions in the past went a lot more (in other words, it was a subsidy from the poor to the more wealthy).

  5. Of course there are conceivable cases for subsidies. I don’t agree with them, but they are conceivable. I dare say that the same logic works in whichever language is your mother tongue, chaps.

  6. dearieme: The one Art for which there is no conceivable case for subsidy is Writing.

    Blog comments are typically opinions and that is generally taken as read rather than being necessary to constantly state “in my opinion”.

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