Some people do learn….eventually

It wasn\’t until a few years later, after having just come back from being banned from driving for two years, that my impulse came back. It was a misty evening in Oxfordshire and I saw an old lady on a zebra crossing, and I just felt sick as I thought I was going to hit her, but luckily I braked in time and missed her by centimetres. She came to my window and shouted, \”Monsieur Blanc! When are you going to stop wanting to kill me? That is the third time this month!\” From that day on, I changed my erratic driving.

Although this is very smart indeed:

Have you learnt any difficult lessons about money through mistakes?

Yes, some very harsh ones. The worst one is that you can\’t be good at everything. You have to learn how to delegate. I had a business vision, but I\’m not a good businessman. It doesn\’t mean you give away power though; it means you empower someone who has got more knowledge and skills than you have.

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