Timmy Elsewhere

At the ASI.

Yes, the greenies are trying to poison us all.

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  1. But Tim, the point about such things is not that it saves gaia and the environment. Whether it achieves it’s stated purpose is completely irrelevant.
    It is so that the practitioners can feel good about their actions, and superior to the unbelievers who do not follow the one true path, and to publicly demonstrate their virtue, piety and adherence to the canon.

  2. It’s a wind-up, surely? I grew up before plastic bags and there were no e-coli epidemics. We didn’t have a fridge till I was twelve. My mum remembers gran scraping the maggots off the meat. I was brought up with dirt playing all day in the fields. That’s what kids nowadays are lacking – access to dirt.
    After all, it helps make them bright:


  3. There’s E-Coli everywhere, including everyone’s guts. There’s many hundred of differnt types of E-Coli everywhere. Only a few specific types (such O157) cause a problem.

    Bacteria don’t tend to last on dry surfaces. So long as these plastic bags aren’t wet and kept wet then the bacteria will die out in hours. Shorter if even a bit of minimal cleaning is done if they bags are dirty. Even sunlight will help.

    It’s a scare story by some scientists desperate to justify their funding. Not helped by churnalists.

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