Tristram Hunt

Most amusing:

The real problem comes with boundary changes. This is not an argument about the greater equalisation of constituency numbers, to within 5% of 75,000 electors; nor is it about the risible series of exemptions to Clegg\’s \”make every vote equal\” rule. The most egregious of these being the small print that allows Charles Kennedy to keep his seat of Ross, Skye and Lochaber unmolested at only about 50,000 electors because he is, er, the ex-leader of the Lib Dems. This is, after all, politics.

No, the real issue is the rush to reform constituency boundaries at the cost of disenfranchising millions.

The newly elected member for Stoke on Trent Central is of course only worried about the principle of the matter.

Nothing at all to do with the fact that his safe (so safe as to be nearly a Rotten Borough) seat appears to have only some 61,000 voters and is thus a prime candidate to be either abolished or chopped up as part of that equalising of the size of seats.

No, no, perish the very thought of it being about that.

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  1. Registration is hardly difficult unless you cannot read the form that’s pushed through your letterbox. If the Labour party is genuinely concerned about voter registration, why doesn’t it “roll out a concerted programme of electoral registration”?

  2. There is a massive and indefensible bias towards Labour in the current constituency boundaries.

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