Turning sand into gold

SS chief Heinrich Himmler set up a secret unit in the Dachau concentration camp after becoming convinced he could turn sand into gold, a book has claimed.

Yes, of course it was a scam: but the fun thing is that it is actually possible.

As Sir Pterry pointed out, you can turn lead into gold by using the lead as printing type and then selling the resultant newspapers. To turn sand into gold all you have to do is invent the silicon chip.


4 thoughts on “Turning sand into gold”

  1. My father always said Plumbers were the new Alchemists for their ability to turn Lead (now Copper) into Gold.

  2. But, of course, Himmler’s process could have spewed silicon chip out by the millions and they wouldn’t have been gold–at best, they’ve been simply silicon in a different form; the age had no use (nor even recognition) of “chips.”

  3. Of course, there’s an even simpler method for turning sand into gold: buy up a nice parcel of it, conveniently located, and call it a “bathing beach.”

  4. Nazi Sand into Gold.
    Sand -> Glass (example) -> Money -> Gold. You can do this with any abundant material, its basic Alchemy.

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