Vote for MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Now here\’s a blog competition that\’s really worth winning.

I thought it might be a larf to run a poll of my own: the Top 100 Worst UK Political Blogs.

The rules are pretty much the same as the TP poll. To get practice in in case next year\’s referendum supports the move to the Alternative Vote, readers are invited to submit a rank order of their ten least favourite blogs. First gets ten points, 10th one point – I\’m sure you know the drill. Only one set of votes per person please, and votes nominating less than three blogs will be discounted. No anonymous votes will be accepted as there\’s no excuse for not identifying yourself by a monicker these days, and votes can either be submitted via email to top100worst at or in the comments below.

Yes, vote for me as your least favourite blog. Then make sure that you\’ve only got two other nominations (so as to avoid anyone coming up the outside by scooping up lots of low ranking nominations) and further, make sure that you don\’t nominate as your second or third anyone that others already have.

Unlike any of the other blog rankings and competitions around this is one that I could actually win. No need for ballot stuffing of course, natural talent should be enough but I do have to bring it to your attention, don\’t I?

Worst UK political blog. Yes, a title worth having and yes, if you look at the comments there I\’m already in the running.

Come on peeps, you know your duty.

Vote for MEEEEEEE!!!!!

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