What a bastard, eh?

Anthony Ward:

Armajaro\’s food plans include setting up a private equity fund later this year that will invest in ports and roads, farmland and storage facilities in Africa, as well as schools and other infrastructure. Cocoa will remain a key target commodity, but Mr Ward is also building up his sugar trading operations………

Armajaro, which is one of Europe\’s top three cocoa traders by volume, has made no secret of its desire to increase physical delivery of cocoa. It said in its latest accounts that it planned \”to develop its physical commodities business by further expanding its sourcing operations to enable it to supply its customers with increasing quantities of traceable commodities\”.

Chairman Martin Lampert said the group\’s commodities trading subsidiary was benefiting from \”a significant shift in the cocoa industry towards the sourcing of traceable and sustainable products, with several major chocolate manufacturers announcing their intention to source accordingly\”.

He added that Armajaro\’s trading business had capitalised on this trend and would \”continue to develop infrastructure in existing and new origin countries to support this demand\”.

Look what happens when we let the spivvy bastards in the City speculate in vital commodities like food, eh? They\’re just using money to make money, no concern whatsoever for people at all.

And look what happens! They spend money on ports, roads, storage, all things which enable farmers to get crops into the hands of those very spivvy bastards. Should be a law against it, don\’t you think?

I mean, really, what the hell use is any of that to real people?

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