What a true democrat Willy Hutton is

An organisation such as the BBC, committed to impartiality and accuracy, is seen as a last bulwark against populist government by the mob.

Lord forbid that the demos, the common people, might be allowed to get a word in edgeways, eh?

4 thoughts on “What a true democrat Willy Hutton is”

  1. Ironic that the “abandonment of fairness in broadcasting” is criticised using a parallel media industry who abandoned such fairness a long time ago. Where would The Guardian be, and Will Hutton in particular, if they had to restrict themselves to impartiality and accuracy ? That his critique exists in the first place supports the very idea of a competitive unfettered media ?

  2. BBC News often goes to Will Hutton for “independent comment”. I remember a couple of months ago they had him on the Ten O’Clock News as “Will Hutton, London School of Economics” to comment on some banking regulation. About five nights later he was “Will Hutton, The Work Foundation”. Small wonder Mr All Purposes Rent a Quote thinks the BBC is a good thing.

  3. Completely normal Progressive contempt for normal people, nothing new really.

    Some seriously deranged people in the comments, claims the BBC are ‘pro-Army’, “extreme right-wing bias” (???!!!), etc

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