Where does the Labour Party go from here?

The usual blathering over here.

But allow me to make a serious suggestion.

No, really, a serious and sensible suggestion. Go back to your roots laddies, go back to your roots.

Yes, adapt them to changing circumstances but what was it you were all about?

Ah, yes….

To secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry.

The common ownership bit we now realise didn\’t work all that well. But securing the fruits of industry would go down well today. You know, no monstrous bureaucracy in Whitehall taking 50% of everything produced in the country…..you could adapt that one line to a low tax, small state solution.

3 thoughts on “Where does the Labour Party go from here?”

  1. Necessarily so. As I’m about to point out at my blog, if a tax collector secures the full fruits of his industry, then there is nothing left for public services. So Labour never meant Clause IV in all its glory, since it implies (next to) no public services.

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