Where is the grand new economic and political ideology?

World in chaos, we\’re all getting poorer, just like the 30s, while communism and fascism were horrible, where\’s the modern equivalent? Where\’s the new economic and political ideology to react to the woes of our times?

So some new thinking would not go amiss. Nevertheless, for all its inadequacies, I favour a more fox-like, piecemeal, generalist approach to this task, rather than the widespread adoption of a hedgehog-like, all-encompassing ideology.

And the foxy answer is: markets. Everyone just gets on with making their own little piecemeal corrections to the world and collectively we make it better over time.

2 thoughts on “Where is the grand new economic and political ideology?”

  1. The reason there is no anti-capitalist reactionary movement is because it hasn’t been capitalists in the driving seat for some time but corporatists and socialists.

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