Wogs begin at Copenhagen

It\’s not just us you know:

The 77-year-old man, who was angry at being portrayed as a Turk, the traditional national enemy of Greeks, originally demanded £4.5 million in damages for the use, without permission, of his image.

His photograph, with distinctive long moustache, red hat and traditional Greek dress, has been used on millions of yoghurt tubs marketed as a Turkish-style product.

Yes, a Swedish company, selling yoghurt in Sweden, has been using a Greek man, in distinctively Greek dress, as a symbol of Turkish yoghurt.

But then wogs do start at Copenhagen, don\’t they?

And if you thought the Robimson\’s jam golliwogs were bad, check out this which is still on supermarket shelves across Spain and Portugal.


Yes, the local brand of chocolate covered peanuts is called \”Conguitos\” or \”little Congo person\”. And yes, you can get little collectibles of the character.

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  1. Better not mention the Nigerian Russian Nigaz oil company, or JussiPussi bread in Finland then.

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