You\’d think that someone would do something about it Polly

How perverse is it that the Commons in the 21st century has become less, not more, class representative. Only 7% of children attend private schools but nearly four out of 10 MPs are privately educated, up from 30% in 1997. That\’s inevitable with the Conservatives dominant, 54% of them from private schools, 40% of Lib Dem MPs and only 15% on Labour benches. Perhaps that does reflect Britain\’s growing inequality. Society is less mobile, with class at birth a more certain destiny than a generation ago.

My, hasn\’t the abolition of the grammars increased social mobility?

5 thoughts on “You\’d think that someone would do something about it Polly”

  1. Philip Scott Thomas

    This line from the article is wonderful: “nothing beats the right’s loathing of posh women of the left.”

    Who could she be thinking of?

  2. Have you got anything academic looking into the effect of grammar schools on social mobility?

    I’d be pretty interesting reading something empirical on it.

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