175 countries not seeing record temperatures

World feeling the heat as 17 countries experience record temperatures.

9 % of the UN\’s 192 countries have been reporting record temperatures in recent weeks.

This can be many things but proof of global warming isn\’t one of them.

Please note, yes, I am a warmenist, my point is only that this particular fact is not proof of general, global, warming.

6 thoughts on “175 countries not seeing record temperatures”

  1. Tim,

    I am of the belief that “climate change”, in the hysterical BBC/Chicken Licken sense, is nothing but a supranational socialist con just like the EU.

    I realise you disagree, thus could you please briefly point me in the direction of the evidence that’s convinced you that temperatures are actually rising, regardless of what people think the causes are?


  2. Record temperatures? Absolutely.

    Currently many countries in South America are experiencing record low winter temperatures. Last winter over 2/3 of US states also had record lows. So did we in case you’ve forgotten. All presumably due to Mann Made Warble Gloaming?

    Is the average global temperature rising? Of course it is, we’re in an interglacial period. It’s been going up gradually for 16,000 years or so, i.e. since the glaciers melted, and is likely to keep on going for a for another few thousand years yet. This cycle has been repeated many times over the lifetime of the planet, it will carry on doing it regardless.

    Is it anything to do with us? Nope.

    Is it going to cause the end of life as we know it (ie the BBC and Met Office hysterical view)? Nope. It was hotter in the Medieval Warm Period around 1000AD than it is now…and we’re all still here. It was much hotter between the last two glacial periods around 100,000 years ago…and we’re all still here.

    Is it anything to do with CO2? Nope. The comment above about correlation and causation is spot on. For fun, checkout http://www.venganza.org (Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster) for graphs that show as the number of pirates has declined the world’s temeperature has risen. More meaningless correlation.

    Sometime soon the con-trick that is Warble Gloaming really has got to be exposed for the lie that it is. Spending £18Bn per year of our money on fairy tales isnt sensible…even if Gordoom hadnt spent all the money.

  3. Were those 9% under the path of the NOAA satellite which has just failed? It was recording temperatures in the Great Lakes of several hundred degrees.

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