A date for the diary

I don\’t normally blog on press releases but…..

On August 22, 2010 women across the USA will once again march for the right to go topless in public anywhere a man can go topless in public.  August 22 is National Go-Topless Day.  Cities hosting marches this year inclue New York City, Chicago, Miami Beach, Austin, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles (Venice Beach).  ….. Your readers will appreciate knowing about this event in advance so that they can determine for themselves whether they want to participate or just watch.

Err, yes, exceptions do have to be made sometimes……

3 thoughts on “A date for the diary”

  1. While breasts are seen as sexual play things then breasts should be covered up. Also, some men have bigger boobs then some women. Such men should keep their man boobs covered up too.

    Breast feeding of infants is not a sexual act so it should not be banned – anyway nearly all women who breast feed in public do so discretly.

  2. A Canadian court decided bare breasts did not constitute indecent exposure (the usual charge) back in 1996. The decision said that going topless did not violate community standards in modern Canada. Despite this piece of juridical insight, I have not seen any public toplessness in the last 14 years. It seems that, having succeeded in throwing their weight around, the feminists put their shirts back on, and most of the rest of the female population weren’t interested in taking them off in the first case.

  3. I see it was all started by the Raelian movement. I thought they’d all killed themselves a few years back?

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