A short note to Tom Harris MP

Via, this.

So, the chairman of Ipsa believes every MP who has made a complaint about Ipsa – including all of us who took part in a Westminster Hall debate on the subject on 16 June – is a liar.

Yes Tom. You and all other MPs are indeed liars. Your lips move, you are politicians, you lie, one of those universal truth things, an accounting identity.

The only interesting thing to discuss is what particular matter you are lying about this time.

On average I\’d expect a bare majority of politicians to get water being wet correct but only if no significant special interest or voting group didn\’t claim otherwise.

So, now that we know what you are what was it you wanted to discuss?

Oh, yes, that\’s right. You\’re being treated like shit when you try to claim your expenses.

Welcome to modern British State matey boy. The one you created, remember?

9 thoughts on “A short note to Tom Harris MP”

  1. Mr Enoch (Brigadier) Powell, to the best of my knowledge, never told a lie in office – and I believe he never told one in his private life either.

    We shall never see his like again, more the pity.

  2. “Your lips move, you are politicians, you lie, one of those universal truth things…”

    Have you mentioned to Mr Farage that he is a bloody liar too on this definition? Perhaps we will use it in our election leaflets… UKIP supporter calls Farage a liar! Lol.

  3. “the outrageously difficult task of paying 650 people identical salaries”

    “identical salaries” – liar.


    “In the Commons, some MPs are paid more because of the special jobs they hold. For example, the Speaker and the Chairmen of Select Committees receive an extra salary.

    MPs who are also ministers in the Government are paid an extra ministerial salary.”

  4. Left Outside points to an example of a private-sector employee claiming expenses without query as some sort of corollary to a public-sector employee (for that is what Tom Harris really is) demanding to be paid expenses without question.

    All together now: ‘One of the things is not like the other…’

  5. “we made the colossal mistake of considering the legislation in the midst of the expenses scandal – the worst possible time to give due consideration to such an important Bill.” – Tom Harris

    Seems to be a habit.

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