And now to be fair to Richard Murphy

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Views do change and it\’s to one\’s credit to admit to, in an earlier part of life, what experience now leads you to think was erroneous conduct.

I still don\’t agree with him of course, but given the slings and arrows part I hurl his way worth pointing to the good bits as well.

Given this soul baring stuff I\’ll point out that I once voted Green Party. No, really, but fortunately I grew up.

5 thoughts on “And now to be fair to Richard Murphy”

  1. Quote from man rich enough to retire in his early 50s:

    “But as I’ve noted – I knew royalties were paid to Barbados. Of course I did. I was young. I thought it was Ok at the time. I changed my mind. Mature people do in the face of the evidence. ”

    It misses the final bit: “especially AFTER they’ve made their pile”.

  2. We’ve all been there. Well, not green, but…

    My turning point was when I realised that competition and profits were “cheaper” than the alternative.

  3. “I’ll point out that I once voted Green Party. No, really, but fortunately I grew up.”

    The idea is that you are all growed up by 18. If people are still growing up at this point and voting for silly parties, maybe the voting age should be raised to 21. No wonder Gordon Brown is in favour of lowering the voting age, Labour is the silliest party of them all.

    I’ll confess, when I was too young to vote, I was a member of the Labour Party, but by the time I got to vote for the first time I’d grown out of such silliness.

  4. I’m not sure why you’d want to be fair to Richard Murphy. His style of blogging is to always make out that he’s correct, yet he’s proved wrong countless times (just look at his pre-election comments for proof).

    He preaches free speech yet any comment that dares to question union’s is not even posted, and he fails to answer any question where he knows the answer disprove one of his mad theories.

    He has very little idea on how markets actually work and how the offshore finance system operates.

    In short, he’s pretty clueless and so blinkered as to his views that it’s no wonder the majority of the political and financial world ignore his “facts”.

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