Apparently I\’m funded to attack him.

That\’s the implication here.

No, I\’m not, sorry. Some things are done just for the pure joy of it all.

Utility maximisation as the economists call it.

Update….lovely comment over there:

This is absolutely fascinating Richard – if the attacks by right-wing “libertarians” (I’m putting that in inverted commas because if their objective is to eliminate dissent from anyone who doesn’t share their POV then they’re anything BUT libertarian) on your blog are part of the same pattern, it explains a lot.

There really is a certain logic fail here.

The original complaint is about a group voting down stories on Digg so that they never see the front page and thus never get any publicity or traction.

Apparently this is now the same as my drawing attention to Ritchie\’s views so that more people see them and are able to discuss them and consider them.

Giving something publicity is now the same as denying something publicity?


7 thoughts on “Apparently I\’m funded to attack him.”

  1. Of course, the great man’s links (which I assume is funded? does he work for free?) with the TUC and the PCS have no bearing on his views on:

    1) a larger public sector – especially more HMRC officials.

    2) more inflation to give unions more pay rises to discuss.

    Oh, no, perish the thought…

    For all his faults I’ll give him one thing – he is a very loyal spruker for his clients. Very loyal. He’s be very good on a home shopping channel.

  2. It’s a frequent thing on CiF “the CIA funded commentators are here, I see”. It all goes back to “I don’t know anyone who voted for Nixon” by these people. The idea that they could be in the minority, that people could actually hold these views is just madness to these people.

  3. There’s been a scandal in the US recently about the Journolist email discussion group for leftie hacks. They conspired to suppress stories and big up others – exactly what the twerp suggests of “right wing” libertarians. One difference though – Journolist really happened.

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