Blimey, that\’s a popular bloke

Nearly a quarter of all people playing, coaching or refereeing professional football personally know a gay player, according to new research into attitudes towards homosexuality in the game.

3 thoughts on “Blimey, that\’s a popular bloke”

  1. “personally know” is this some secret meaning?
    The way footballers carry on on the field I would have thought they were all gay.
    –not that there is anything wrong with that. Of course.

  2. My Dad played soccer when he met my Mum. My mother was the daughter of a Taranaki dairy farmer, so her wanting to marry a soccer player was a big issue.
    Mum says that her father only really was convinced that Dad wasn’t homosexual when I was born.
    While I don’t share Granddad’s views about the nature of soccer players, the difference between NZ attitudes and British attitudes amuses me.

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