Can\’t do that mate. It\’s against the rules

No, we can\’t have permanent BST.

EU rules mate.

4 thoughts on “Can\’t do that mate. It\’s against the rules”

  1. It’s not clear that the directive actually declares against permanent BST or GMT (or the equivalent for other member states) only that the changes which have been and are now habitual be synchronised across the EU.

  2. Mark, or should I call you smartypants?

    I read the directive and I restate, it’s exactly as I said above. It does not, explicitly, state that there MUST be a summertime period in any member state, only that the start and end of such periods shall be synchronised. To 01:00 GMT at the end and beginning of the period, as it happens.

    It just assumes that what has become custom in all member states, that is to advance clocks by one hour for a summertime period, will continue as a custom .

  3. Even as far back as 80/737/EEC the legislation is that if you have summertime it is to be synchronised.

    Unless there is a document setting out that members *must* have summertime this is little more than peer pressure.(But it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a document saying it must be so.)

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