Danny Dorling: Numptie

The traditional North/ South divide is creeping further south as the impact of the recession widens the economic gap in Britain, an academic claims.

Oh aye?

But as Government cuts are introduced, towns marginally on the south side of the divide, such as Leicester, Warwick and Lincoln, could begin to struggle and be pushed on to the northern side.

Danny Dorling, professor of human geography at Sheffield University, who led the research, said: \’Britain is a country pulling itself apart. \’The North/South divide is no longer a vague idea.

\’We have enough information on life chances, health and wealth to say where the line lies and what is happening to it.

\’The recession is exacerbating these differences and I suspect the dividing line will also move southwards as the Government\’s cuts take effect.\’

But if you are a radical egalitarian (as Danny Dorling is) this should be good news, no? More people are being more equal in a shared Northern misery and poverty. And being more equal makes people happier, reduces the murder rate, drugs taking and everything else that ails a society, doesn\’t it?

So why\’s he complaining?

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