Err, Polly?

Coalition rhetoric denounces Labour for its big state takeover of voluntarism: it\’s a straight lie. Blair and Brown channelled more money and effort than ever into the voluntary sector, which doubled in value on their watch. Was that due to a sudden spasm of generosity from the burgeoning wealthy? No. Stephen Bubb, head of the Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations, points out that 70% of their extra funds came from the state.

Err, that Labour took over the voluntary sector by funding it is proof that Labour didn\’t take over the voluntary sector by funding it?

That Tuscan sun\’s a bit hot this year isn\’t it?

4 thoughts on “Err, Polly?”

  1. Typical of a lefty like Polly to think that just because the state is giving money to all these charities that they don’t want to have a say in how it’s spent.

    Of course it has a say in how its spent. That’s because the charities ask for grants for specific projects which have been tagged by the state as “worthy”. And because they get state money they will have to follow state rules in ensuring it’s spent properly. Is that not control?

    In fact fake charities have been set up preceisly so that the government (Labour) could control various aspects of society without being seen as being in control – because it’s not direct. Out of sight out of mind fools many people, including supposedly bright people working in newspapers.

  2. If Polly saw funding as being the same as running, she wouldn’t be concerned about privatization of health or education, but with state funding.

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