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I mentioned that a certain retired accountant had written some pieces for The Observer describing how you could in fact organise your affairs in order to reduce your taxes. This, in some contrast to his current public position that one should not reorganise one\’s affairs in order to reduce the tax which is righteously due.

He has responded:

The first was written because I could think of no better way of killing a scheme then being promoted on the professional lecture circuit than to give it publicity. I didn’t have blogs etc in those days. It worked. I call that a success.

Richard\’s point is thus that the best way to close down a tax avoidance scheme is to tell everyone how to use said tax avoidance scheme.

I stand corrected.

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  1. A correction:

    “Richard’s point is thus that the best way to close down a tax avoidance scheme is to [get paid telling] everyone how to use said tax avoidance scheme.”

    Wouldn’t it be morally superior just to have pointed out the tax loophole to the Revenue?

    Rather than carefully craft simple and solid tax legislation the Government spews forth huge amounts of wibble and then spend lots of time (and our money) plugging the leaks. Write the damn stuff properly in the first place!

  2. So Murphy does his bit to give the machinery of retrospective tax legislation something to feed on.

    All’s fair when you think that tax avoidance is immoral, I guess.

  3. Reminds me of John Kerry in the US. Campaigns to raise taxes on the strapped Middle Class while, at the same time, parking his 7 million $ yacht is Rhode Island instead of his home state of MA to avoid state taxes.
    This type of hypocrisy brings to mind Hunter Thompson’s description of Nixon as being so crooked he has to screw his pants (trousers) on in the morning.

  4. I have to say, this all redounds to the man’s credit. I hadn’t thought of Murphy as being capable of such underhand duplicity as writing an article saying one thing but intending its effects to be exactly the opposite.

    Yeah, so when I say ‘credit’, what I really mean… And how do we know that his current campaign isn’t all an underhand attempt to discredit tax campaigning by producing the dodgiest, flimsiest arguments possible?

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