Great evidence Ritchie!

I am aware there are those who argue that Jersey and Guernsey don’t want businesses that exploit Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR) – the VAT rule that allows goods costing less than £18 to be imported into the UK VAT free.

I don’t believe them. Take this Jersey web site as indication of true attitudes:

Something tells me that Jersey and Guernsey just aren’t making the most of Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR).  Yeah, sure there are a few select individuals that have set themselves up for a very comfortable retirement –, Moonpig and MyMemory being ones that spring to mind.  But, with the barriers to entry for creating an e-commerce store so low, there must be a number of niche areas yet to be explored.

As they put it:

Now… go forth and brainstorm!  Think of products that you could start selling.  Let’s give our islands an alternative to the finance industry!

The website he refers to and quotes?

Blue Llama, while being based in Jersey, is really a virtual company!  What this means is that we can do things better, faster and cheaper if the different elements of your web site project are handled by individuals who are ideal for that particular task.  By entrusting your web site with Blue Llama it is possible that the graphics may be designed by a professional graphic designer in Latvia, custom functionality coded by a certified developer in India and your content optimisated for search engines by someone in New Zealand who truly understands Google.  In our opinion a global network of freelance specialists equates to a great web site for less money.

From the perspective of our clients, all the above is handled behind the scenes.  What they get is a dedicated project manager in Jersey, available in person or over the phone, to guide them through the murky world of web development.

Blue Llama was launched in 2010 and is registered with the Jersey Companies Registry.

Yup, it\’s a web design house shilling for business.

Proof perfect of the \”true attitude\” in Jersey, obviously.

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