Highly amusing

Dan Kennedy says everyone\’s being terribly unfair for criticising Michelle Obama for taking a holiday in Spain. It\’s all right wing frotho at the moutho stuff.

Well, yes, OK, it is all a bit trivial criticising the holiday location. But it\’s also extremely American to do so. It\’s one of those unwritten rules of American politics that politicians vacation right here in the Good Ole USA.

Whether the rule ought to exist or not isn\’t the point. It does and those who breach it get criticised.

The complaints about the criticism therefore look slightly silly….exactly the sort of liberal out of touchness which said liberal commentators are trying to claim that Michelle Obama isn\’t displaying.

2 thoughts on “Highly amusing”

  1. It doesn’t help that the political class in the USA have been behaving increasingly like royalty lately, (much like our own dear leaders), but I must admit to enjoying the various photoshops and cartoons of Michelle Antoinette.

  2. Her husband is proving a dud. If he weren’t she’d be forgiven everything. And anyway, I’m getting bored with all the US political commentary directed to their ruling class which pleads “Fool us better, you’ve really got to make a better job of fooling us”. Spit-provoking, really.

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