British men fear going grey more than going bald, research claims

Given the age at which baldness strikes in our family (yes, yes, I know the genetics of it but mid 20s usually) it was always my ambition to have hair long enough for it to go grey.

Mission achieved as well…..

4 thoughts on “How odd”

  1. Bizarre, isn’t it? One can always dye grey hair if one is that vain, after all, but one can’t (really) cure baldness. But yes, grey hair is not so bad – put on a well-cut suit and you could be in the cast of Mad Men…

  2. I’ve not found my full head of very grey (almost white) hair to be any form of handicap. Many ladies of my acquaintance seem to like it.

    If nothing else it gives me a totally unwarranted appearance of being “distinguished”. 🙂

  3. Going grey is infinitely better than balding.

    As @pogo says, it confers an air of authority – it makes you look like a well preserved older person and therefore experienced and in possesssion of good genes.

    Slap-heads must just accept reality and get out the buzz-cutter.

    p.s. I am a slap-head and have had a high forehead since my mid twenties.

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